The Original Idea

When I decided to make this deck, the original idea was to create an all-black Tarot deck to symbolize the force of the Nigredo: the first step in the
Alchemical process (magnum opus or “great work”) which means to break down, to analyze, and to understand a substance. This project served as my break down of the tarot itself, but as any Great Work necessitates, it cannot stop at the break down, but must continue to the Albedo, the creation of a new substance out of the understanding of the first substance. Analysis followed by synthesis; deconstruction and composition, “Solve et Coagula”.

The very first printing of this deck was done through a print-on-demand service so that I could get a “working” prototype to play around with. Here is a photo of how that test deck turned out:

As you can probably tell, it turned out more light grey on dark grey, and this is because these cards were printed on white card stock (the service I was using did not have many customization options, but they did sell a Tarot sized deck, which was the main reason I chose them to start out). The symbols on the cards have changed a bit since this version as well, but not drastically so.

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