Sigil Arcanum Tarot

Redefining and Rediscovering the ancient wheel of Tarot one symbol at a time.

About the Sigil Arcanum project

Etched into the history of the Tarot are many sacred symbols. For generations, the stars have served as a road map through the astral, a guide for understanding the forces of our world.

The Sigil Arcanum project aims to illustrate the symbolic patterns and esoteric ideas that live deep within the Tarot. These include the planets, the zodiac, the elements, numerology, and the magnum opus of alchemy, among other philosophical and secret concepts present in each card. There are no words, only figures and ideas.

The Project was successfully funded via Kickstarter on May 11th, and now pre-production has begun! You can also follow along with the conversation in our Facebook Group dedicated to learning about the Tarot, and to share new things about the Sigil Arcanum decks. Feel free to explore and contemplate the symbols in this deck, and please enjoy.

The Story of the Deck

The idea behind the Sigil Arcanum is simple. I wanted to make a deck that resembled how I see Tarot, a collection of symbols and concepts, abbreviations and hints, which need to be further explored in order to really get at the meaning. Alchemy, the planets, the zodiac, and the elements are all symbol sets that show up time and time again in the Tarot.

These symbols are the life blood of Tarot, and they are how our stories are told, whether we realize it or not – and too often we do not. I began this project in the early months of 2018, with simple marker sketches on blank playing cards, eventually the idea grew and expanded, and it evolved slowly over time. Now I feel that it is a complete system, ready for people to explore.

Please enjoy exploring the Tarot in a new light, one of abstract interpretation as well as symbolic knowledge of the occult.