The Deck

The Spectrum deck with a black agate sitting on top, and a black velvet bag underneath.*

A Spread with the deck visible to the left, and the Aces to the right. The black agate makes another appearance.

*Better Photos of both decks to come soon.

The Deck will ultimately be available in two styles for purchase this fall. The main deck is the standard full color gradient Sigil Arcanum deck, the Fool of which is featured above.

The dimensions of the deck are a standard 2.75″ wide by 4.75″ tall with 1/8″ rounded corners. The standard deck is printed on a sturdy 100# white paper stock with full color digital printing which gives the gradients a very nice shine, and the solid colors a bold brilliance.

PRICE: During the Kickstarter, the Sigil Arcanum Deck AND the Blackout Edition deck will both be listed at $35. This is a bonus for those who back the Kickstarter.

The final retail price will likely be $40 for the Standard full color deck and $45 for the Blackout Edition, due to the extra cost of printing that version.


The second style is the Blackout Edition Sigil Arcanum, which is a totally black deck: matte black paper card-stock trimmed to perfection, printed with high gloss transparent ink which brings out the deep rich blacks, but also shines like silver–or the moon–in the light. Best read by candlelight, the Blackout Edition captures the idea that these symbols buried and obscured in the darkness can only be understood or read by shedding some light on them. Check out the photos below.

Ever dreamed of an all black tarot deck? Me too.

The Blackout Edition Sigil Arcanum deck, face down

Showing the Hermit card, with only the bottom visible in the light.

The following photo is comparing the Adjustment (Justice) card with the light from different angles to show the contrast between the matte black paper and the glossy clear ink. On the left, the light is shining indirectly and doesn’t reflect the glossy ink, while on the right the light shines directly onto the ink, and reflects it with a beautiful silver shine.

The shots following this comparison were done with the light reflecting the ink, because I just love the way this effect shows up in the light.

Adjustment card comparison at different angles of light.

The Blackout Empress card (III / 3)

The Blackout Hermit card (IX / 9)

The Blackout Death card (XIII / 13)

The Blackout Moon card (XVIII / 18)

A spread of a few Minor Arcana cards (left to right: The Jack [Knight] of Wands, the 9 of Cups, the 10 of Cups, and the 2 of wands).


If (and hopefully when) the Kickstarter succeeds, and if we manage to achieve our stretch goals, there will be a THIRD style of the deck, the Sigil Arcanum SPECTRUM Edition! This deck will be printed on the same matte Black stock as the Blackout Edition, but printed with high quality metallic ink showcasing the color gradients in a splendor of light splashed across the darkness of the void, like stars shining at night (both the card fronts and backs). This Edition will be complete with rainbow spectrum holographic gilded edges, which has to be seen to be believed. The effect this produces is absolutely stunning. Photos hopefully to come soon!

Along similar lines, if the Stretch Goals are a success, the Blackout Edition will be gilded in metallic black paint, and the Standard Edition will be gilded in Silver. Both decks will be produced with a higher quality (more substantial) paper stock, with nicer commemorative boxes, and a fancy mini-booklet explaining how to read the cards.

We will also be releasing a full sized book that will go much further in detailing the symbolism used in each card, the historical significance of each symbol, and more interpretations on symbolism and how to read Tarot cards, including a multitude of spreads (both static and modular), as well as a brief history of Alchemy and Tarot, and even rules for playing the classic tarot game “Tarrochi.”


If you are a retailer, a supplier, or a buyer and are looking for bulk orders of the deck, you may contact me directly at Currently I have worked out domestic shipping across the U.S., and I’m working on figuring out Friendly shipping for Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

There is a special Kickstarter backer tier for Retailers, which will require a Tax ID or EIN to be able to buy, but which will allow for bulk orders above 10 copies.

10 copies will cost $220, at $22 per deck; 20 copies will cost $400, at $20 per deck; and 50 copies or more will start at $750, at $15 per deck.

If you are a retailer in the American Midwest: Minnesota, South and North Dakota, Wisconsin, or Iowa especially, I can personally deliver the decks and save you on shipping; I enjoy a good mini road trip, and that way I know the decks are being handled properly.